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Drolma Lhakang

The Drolma Lhakang is located at Netang (km 17). This Lhakang, also known as Nyetang Wor, with its garden surrounded by a high wall, gives the appearance of a nobleman’s villa. The Lhakang was saved from the Red Guards by order of Chou En-Lai. Several Geluk monks are the present steewards of the Lhakang, which is now a museum- gompa.
Drolma Lhakang intro sign
The Lhakang, surrouded by a circumambulatory passage, consists of a single building divided into three chambers built at the rear of a courtyard. Fine new murals of the triad of Atisha and his favorite disciples Dromton and Naktso Lotsawa, and the triad of Sakyamuni with the Bodhisattvas Jampa (Maittreya) and Jamyang (Manjughosa) decorate the wall of the Ihakang’s porch, and newly painted clay statues of the Guardian Kings dating from a very early period stand by the doors. In the first chamber, the Namgyel Lhakang, are two bronze chortens, one containing Atisha’s robe and the other some relics of Milarepa’s Lama, Marpa. The statue of Atisha, regarded as his own likeness, is found in this room and there is also a remarkable image of Sangdu Yabyum. The central Lhakang, which gives the building its name, has tiers of old gilt bronzes of the Twenty-one Drolmas, forms of Tara, the Goddess of Devotion and Service, adoring its walls on three sides, surrouding a statue of Jowo Sakyamuni.
Outlook of Lhakang
In the center of the room is a glass-faced box containing several small statues. Jowo Atisha’s personal deity, Drolma, a talking image, was once amongst them, but today the most sacred relic is an initiatory vase (bumpa) containing pieces of Atisha’s bones. In front of the relic case is an image of Atisha’s chief disciple, Dromton. Except for the loss of Atisha’s Drolma, nothing seems to have been moved in this room during the past twenty-five years. The third chamber, the Tsepame Lhakang, contains the Buddhas of the Three Times surrounded by the Eight Bodhisattvas. In the centre of this room is the stone throne from which Jowo Atisha taught his disciples. The reliquary chorten facing one upon leaving this Lhakang is said to contain relics of Atisha. Another chorten in the courtyard contains Dromton’s sheepskin robe.

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